In the Netherlands we have a long history with tea, with the Dutch East India Company introducing tea to Europe 400 years ago. Here at Senza Tea we’re proud of our history with tea, but not what tea has become in the centuries since: dust and artificial flavouring crammed into a small teabag.

Beacause we love real; real taste, real experience and real tea. Our mission? To give everyone a moment to enjoy real tea.

To do that, we bring you exquisite loose leaf teas from the best tea gardens in the world, along with smart solutions for the simple and easy use of our tea at home, at work and in hospitality.



Treat your guests to the quality and sensation of real tea.

At Senza tea we believe that in hospitality, a business offering real quality will see real results in customer satisfaction. Your guests often drink delicious tea at home, and expect the same quality, if not better, when they come to you.

We pick out a divine selection of teas from the world’s best gardens and offer simple and efficient solutions for easy service.

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Loose tea with the ease of a teabag.

At Senza Tea we know that a good work environment leads to more motivated employees.

Excellent coffee is commonplace in offices these days, but tea drinkers usually have to settle for the dust and artificial flavouring found in teabags. With our smart solutions for loose tea at the office, you can now offer your employees all the quality of Senza loose leaf tea without any fuss.

A healthy, sustainable, and above all, delicious cup of tea.

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In our webshop you can find exquisite loose teas and smart tools so that you can enjoy Senza Tea at home.

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We are proud of our exquisite, loose leaf teas from the best tea gardens in the world.

Our Selected Tea selection is a beautiful collection of black, green and white loose leaf teas, herbal blends and infusions.

Our Superior Tea selection consists of exclusive “High Grade” teas from the world’s best gardens. All teas in our Superior Selection are hand-picked and have a balance of deep, complex flavours with delicate aromas.

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