Our unique, eye-catching dispensers are perfect for hospitality and offices alike, an easy way for your customers or colleagues to prepare a cup of Senza Tea.

Origami Filter/ Strainer

To replace teabags, we use stainless steel strainers, which can be washed and re-used again and again (and again and again!) If you’re looking for a more disposable solution, our thoughtfully designed, disposable origami filter fits on almost any cup, and can simply be thrown away after use.


If our dispensers don’t work for your business, we also offer an update on the ‘tea box’ with our Senza Tea Tray. Customers and employees can scoop a teaspoonful of Senza Tea into their strainer or filter, and watch as the tea brews. We also offer a full selection of tableware to serve tea in, as well as paper cups, and sample packets for resale.

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