We’re on a mission to give you access to real tea everywhere.

First, we find the best loose tea leaves. Then we make them easy to use. We do this so that one day all teabags will be replaced by real tea.

The real in real tea is also about its origins. We believe a small company can have real impact in its supply chain and we work every day to maximize ours.

We want to revolutionize tea

Our mission consists of three interrelated parts

We live for tea, for its taste, its warmth, its healing properties and its 5.000 year history. For us, real tea means loose tea leaves. Tea leaves without artificial flavorings, that haven’t been ground into dust and stuffed into a bag. Real tea makes us happy, and we want to share the happiness with you.

Because we love tea, we’re always on a quest for the best tea leaves and natural ingredients like herbs, spices and dried fruits. Just to be sure, we do it all ourselves. We craft the blends, taste each batch and hand pack it back in Amsterdam.

Why loose leaf tea, there's nothing wrong with a teabag right?

Loose tea is higher in quality and much more delicious.

Most teabags are designed to make tea from water within a few seconds. To do that, the tea leaves have to be ground into a powder, and artificial flavorings have to be added.

For us, real tea means loose tea leaves. Tea leaves that haven’t been ground into a powder and stuffed into a bag. Real tea means knowing exactly where the tea leaves have come from, and tea leaves without artificial colorings or flavorings.

Loose tea is healthy

Because we skip on the sugar and artificial flavorings, our loose tea is much healthier than most teabags.

Additionally, loose tea is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Research has shown that loose green tea contains up to 100 times more EGCG than traditional teabags (EGCG is the healthiest element of green tea.) The reason loose tea is so much healthier has to do with the quality of the leaf, the production process, and the packaging. Quality matters!

Loose tea is simple

With our smart solutions, loose tea, at work, at home or in hospitality, doesn’t have to be any more difficult than a teabag. Simply set a tea strainer in your glass of hot water, add loose leaf tea from the tin, or from our dispensers, wait for a few minutes, and enjoy! Don’t like washing up? Try our biodegradable disposable origami filter.

There are guidelines when it comes to the ideal water temperature and the sort of water that makes the best cup of loose leaf teas. The Selected Loose Leaf Teas from Senza Tea Co. can all be prepared with ordinary tap water heated to 80-100°C.

Loose tea is an experience

Loose tea is a pleasure for all the senses. When choosing a loose leaf tea, looking at and smelling the tea itself is just as important as checking the label. You see and smell the real tea leaves and ingredients before adding water.

Loose tea is better for the farmers, and for the planet

We buy handmade tea, which supports family businesses which produce tea with pride. Teabags are often made from tea leaves grown on bulk plantations and machine processed in large factories. In these cases, a consistent flavor is more important than quality. By avoiding teabags, we can reduce packaging (the bag itself, sachet, foils, boxes, etc.)

Loose tea is not more expensive

The price of a teabag is mostly packaging. Loose tea doesn’t require this packaging, and because of that, we can save on waste, and also make the tea affordable. Moreover, you can use loose tea leaves a few times, whereas a teabag is usually just good for one cup.

At Senza Tea Co. we want to start a revolution by making real, healthy and delicious tea leaves available to everyone everywhere. To do that, we develop smart out-of-home solutions to make loose tea easy and accessible to use. An example of one of such an innovation is the tea dispenser. It’s like a soap dispensers for tea leaves.

Accessibility also applies to the price. Loose tea requires less packaging than traditional teabags, so the cost per cup remains accessible. For us, really good tea doesn’t mean really expensive tea.

We believe in the impact a single brand can have in its chain and we work every day to maximize our social ambitions. Good wages for the people who pick it, an honest price for the farmer, a great place to work (also for those who have difficulty finding a job) and a fairer, cleaner world for future generations.

The tea industry has, for a long time, been known for its negative impact, especially on workers. We want to set an example and show that it can, and should be done better. This way we hope to inspire other tea brands to take responsibility too.

Our actions and our ambitions

What we’re already doing

Everything we do is done with respect for the people we work with, and of course, for the planet. We buy handmade teas, which supports family owned business that grow their tea with pride. Our system saves on packaging waste, and as far as we possibly can, we make sure everything is responsibly sourced.

  • Where we can, we choose organic tea leaves that are grown without artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Organic tea is not just better for you, but also better for the soil and the environment where the tea is grown.
  • We’re proud of our SKAL certification for packaging and handling organic loose tea. You can spot which of our teas are fully organic from the BIO logo on the packaging.
  • Our teas don’t come from massive tea plantations (often found in Africa), but from small tea gardens in countries like, China, India and Japan. By doing this, we’re trying to choose suppliers who offer a fair price and good working conditions for their employees.
  • Loose tea requires far less packaging than teabags you’d buy in the store. Wherever waste is generated, we choose biodegradable options.
  • Amsterdam City Council has certified us as a “Social Firm,” which means that people who have barriers to labour market entry can find a fulfilling job with us.

Our ambitions

  • At this point, not all of our teas are 100% organic. That’s because the quality of organic options is sometimes not as good as what we’re looking for. Our biggest ambition is to eventually offer only organic teas, without compromising on colour, aroma and taste.
  • We already buy a great deal of our tea directly in the country of origin. Our ambition here is to one day buy all of our teas in farmers co-operatives in countries like China, India and Sri Lanka. Our goal with this is to be able to monitor working conditions and environmental friendliness ourselves.
  • We’re working on some new concepts, which would make the use of our tea 100% circular. This would mean no packaging waste. Sounds impossible, but we’re determined to do it! More information on this coming soon.

Where do we source our Superior Teas?

Find out more about FIN HO, the project where we source our organic and Fairtrade superior teas. It’s a unique cooperative in Vietnam, formed by the Red Dzao people.


No, we’ve still got a long road ahead of us. We learn something new every day and there’s still a lot we want to achieve. For example, our next goal is to shift our collection to 100% organic teas, which is something we’re currently working on. Our solutions for serving and enjoying loose tea can always be smarter, and our impact in the tea chain can certainly get bigger.

Senza Tea Co. - Teabag vs. Loose Leaf Tea

For us, real tea means loose tea leaves. Tea leaves that haven’t been ground into dust and stuffed into a bag.

Making people happy with great tea, that’s my mission! And we’re all working our ass off to reach maximum impact with it.”

Jeroen Veneman, founder