No. 3002 Fin Ho White BIO and Fairtrade


Fin Ho White is a premium white tea, made of young unopened silver tea buds. The buds are harvested in early spring when they are still covered by fine white hairs. The young buds filled with spring dew are picked and brought to the Fin Ho cooperative, where they undergo a special process of picking, parching and drying to retain as much of the nutrients as possible. This gives the tea a delicious and unique flavor while preserving its natural and healthy components.

The Fin Ho project consists of a unique co-operation of 45 tea-producing families of the Red Dzao community. The Red Dzao, an ethnic group living in the mountain area north of Vietnam, climbs into old tea trees to carefully pick the tea leaves by hand. The mission of the cooperation is to produce exclusive organic and fairtrade teas and to improve the life of the community.

Due to the harvest depedent changing assortment, we will gladly inform you about the current tea stock through For more information about the Fin Ho project, visit

Resealable bag with 50 grams for 25 cups of tea